# Monthly Updates [Feb]

Published 2024-02-01

# Wiki Updates

  • Ran a poll regarding streaming sites, and used the results to help us re-order the streaming section.

  • Turned Spotify into its own section w/ subsections: Clients, Adblockers, Download and Tools.

  • Added a section for Soundtracks in Audio.

  • Added sections for Computer Science and Docker in Dev Tools.

  • Added a section for Two-Factor Authentication in Web Privacy.

  • Re-organized Magazine Sites + added filehosts to their descriptions.

  • Removed OnStream from unsafe sites. The "evidence" we had listed wasn't very solid. If someone has more proof we can re-consider, but for now we don't have reason enough to call them unsafe. Keep in mind its not posted in the wiki, just removed from our unsafe list.

  • Grammar issues have been fixed throughout the wiki.

Things Added

  • Added updated guides for both Windows Piracy and Office Piracy.

  • Added Buzzheavier in File Hosts. No upload limit, files last forever.

  • Added Linqbin in URL Tools. Privacy focused temp link shortener/pastebin, made by one of FMHY discord mods.

  • Added Gnarly Repacks in Game Repacks + ROMs. Trusted repacker who's been around for years.

  • Added PrimeFlix in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p, lots of hosts.

  • Added LightDLMovies in Video Download. Fast, single click, 1080p downloads.

  • Added Flugel Anime in Anime DDL. Archive of nyaa.si with fast downloads.

  • Added Divisions by zero in Fediverse Tools. The best piracy focused instance on Lemmy.

  • Added CRACKSurl in Software Sites. Clean scans + admins are members of FMHY.

  • Added PDF Drive in PDF Sites as their downloads are working again.

  • Added Bypass All Shortlinks in Redirect Bypass. This is a fork of the original script with all tracking elements removed.

Things Removed

  • Removed Tachiyomi as it is no longer being developed. We've replaced it with its successor Mihon, and keep in mind the forks linked there still work.

  • Removed Revanced Extended in YouTube Apps as its been archived.

  • Removed Nitter in Frontends as the lead dev decided to call it quits.

  • Removed Erai-Raws in Anime DDL as they're closing registrations.

  • Removed WorldCinema in Video DDL as they've gone premium only.

  • Removed /r/ApkApps Megathread as its no longer updated.

  • Removed Lunar Client in Minecraft Launchers as its closed-source and their privacy policy is very poor.

  • Removed LibreWolf as Mullvad Browser is a similar project with auto updates.

  • Removed Zoo in AI Chatbots as its no longer unlimited.

  • Removed Phind in AI Chatbots as it no longer offers free GPT-4.