# Wiki Updates

Published 2024-03-01

# Things Added

  • Added yet another music server in Audio Downloading. Multi-site DDL (deezer, qobuz, tidal, spotify, youtube, FLAC.)

  • Added wrtn in Online Chatbots. No limit GPT-4, tell it to always talk in english.

  • Added M4UFree + YesMovies in Streaming. Both have huge libraries, fast 1080p, and have been around for over a decade.

  • Added Poe in Image Generators. 100 SDXL and 100 Playground Gens.

  • Added Simply Optimized in Minecraft Optimization. Some prefer this to Fabulously Optimized.

  • Added SolidTorrents in Torrent Aggregators.

  • Added MrGamingStreams in Live TV. Fast streams, nice UI, no ads.

  • Added 720pier in Sports Streaming. Sport replay torrents.

  • Added Enhancer for YT in YouTube Customization. YouTube enhancement extension.

  • Added RatS in Tracking / Discovery. Sync media ratings between sites.

# Things Removed

  • Removed Vendetta from Android as the devs have shut it down.

  • Removed TTV LOL as it stopped working.

  • Removed bypass.vip and FastForward as they don't work as well as they used to.

  • Removed claude in chatbots as it requires email + phone number and doesn't give as good results as it used to.

  • Removed Harmonoid as its not longer being updated and has 100+ issues on github.