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Check out the Booty Guard, our basic safety guide and avoid using the sites / software we've listed as unsafe here. If you still feel unsure feel free to reach out to us via Google Form.

We'd recommend checking out privacy guides like SSD and The New Oil.

You will find almost all terms related to piracy and more in The Piracy Glossary. Didn't find what you're looking for or still confused? Reach out to us via Google Form.

For Windows check out this section, and for Microsoft Office check out this guide.

You can use WhereYouWatch for finding movies, and for new movies it's a good idea to keep an eye on r/movieleaks as well. You should also be able to find most movies you're looking for in the streaming section. For games, you can use Rezi or any other site listed here, and for newly released games check out r/crackwatch.

Use the tools listed here to unlock DLCs.

No, don't do that. Windows Defender is more than enough to keep you safe, but if you're still set on installing a secondary AV, the only one worth installing is Malwarebytes. Please read the note here.

Use this browser extension / filter list to read the article easily.

You can use this downloader, and if it doesn't work you can find other stock image downloaders here.

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