# Monthly Updates [Jan] Happy New Year!

Published 2024-01-01

Hi everyone, happy new year! As we bid farewell to '23, let's take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey Wiki-Index has had this year:

  • We made a new website, enriched with an array of handcrafted features (by me, of course) to enhance your experience and make browsing the wiki pleasant on all devices (mobile included!)
  • We've reached 1k+ views!
  • Our Wiki-Index repository merged over 200 commits!
  • This wiki has grown to be more than just a piracy index, so we felt it's about time other sections get some love. As such, we organized and separated tools sections into their own pages, which allowed us to move a lot of useful tools out of storage and make it a lot easier to discover them
  • We started the debloat arc of Wiki-Index! We've removed a lot of dead, useless, and niche links / categories, as well as re-organized a lot of sections for better clarity and easier navigation

As we enter 2024, we eagerly anticipate building on our achievements and evolving together. Wiki-Index wouldn't be what it is today without the love and support of everyone in this community. Thank you for being an integral part of Wiki-Index. Here's to another year of growth and success! 💙

# Wiki Updates

# Things Added

  • Added Braflix in Streaming Sites. Fast streams, no ads, nice UI, 4K + 1080p.

  • Added Liber3 in Reading Sites. Big library, nice UI, single click downloads.

  • Added Screenbox in Video Players. Open-source, VLC based video player with nice UI.

  • Added Vesktop in Discord Clients. Lightweight desktop client built with Vencord.

  • Added SydneyQt in AI Chatbots. Jailbroken Bing AI.

  • Added App Manager in FOSS APKs. Open-source Android app package manager.

  • Added scrcpy in Android Tools. Manage mobile devices via desktop.

  • Added KernelSU in Android Device. Root tool that some people prefer over Magisk.

  • Added Onion Browser in iOS Privacy. Recommended by Tor on their site.

  • Added Wii Guide in Homebrew.

  • Added Video2x in Video Tools. Lossless video/GIF/image upscaler.

  • Added VCRedist in Windows Updates. Easily download all Microsoft Visual C++ redists.

  • Added CanvasBlocker in Privacy Extensions. Prevent Javascript API fingerprinting.

# Things Removed

  • Removed SevenGamers as they've decided to shut down.

  • Removed YasDL as they uploaded a version of StarDock with the same malware that filecr and others have gotten removed for.

  • Removed Torrentz2 as they've stopped indexing new torrents.

  • Removed LookMovie as they've added a 10 second wait before videos play.

  • Removed DS4Windows in gaming tools. You can just add games to steam and turn on PS4 controller support by right clicking the game.

  • Removed Ideogram as its no longer unlimited.

  • Removed EveryNoiseAtOnce as the dev has been let go from Spotify.

  • Removed CryptoStorm as its possibly unsafe. The owner has no ties to it anymore apparently, but its still hard to trust a company with a history this dark.