# Monthly Updates [November]

Published 2023-11-01

Wiki Updates

Things Added

  • Added cinehub.wtf in Streaming Sites. Solid UI, fast 1080p.

  • Added UpMovies in Streaming Sites. This used to be known as sockshare, but they've updated their site and rebranded. Not always the best quality, but it really is one of the best sites to find obscure stuff, especially shows.

  • Added FSL in Live TV sites.

  • Added Squidify in Audio Streaming. Popular anime / gaming audio streaming site.

  • Added Backloggd in Game Tracking / Discovery. Game collection tracker with a really nice UI.

  • Added Fooocus in AI Image Gen. Free, high quality image generator.

  • Added GrapheneOS in Android Privacy. Privacy based operating system popular within privacy circles.

  • Added Briar in Encrypted Android Messengers. Privacy based android messenger popular within privacy circles.

  • Added XDA in Android Tools. Active android discussion forum.

  • Added hektCaptcha in Extensions. Seems to work better than others like Buster now.

  • Added SDelete in Drive Formatting / File Deletion. Microsofts official file deletion tool.

  • Added Cloudflare Speed Test in Speed Tests. Gives more info than a lot of the other sites do.

  • Added SSD and The Hitchhiker’s Guide in Privacy Guides. Some of the most in depth privacy guide sites out there.

  • Added Unreal Engine and Godot in Game Engines. Popular free engines used to create games.

Things Removed

  • Removed CrackHub as they've sadly decided to call it quits. Huge thank you to them for providing such a solid site, and so many games to people for as long as they did. They will be missed.

  • Removed PromptJungle in Online Image Generators as their bot is broken and Discord channels have been locked. Apparently they're going to make a comeback, but its been over a month now.

  • Removed C1NE in Streaming Sites. It used to be good, but for whatever reason its extremely slow now.

  • Removed Photopea as they caused a bunch of drama in the privacy community by suddenly changing their ad policy, and adding an anti-adblock detector to their site. I believe they've removed it, but a lot of people have lost trust in them now.

  • Removed Privacy Pass from extensions as it no longer works.