# Wiki Updates

Published 2024-05-01

# Things Added

  • Added Debloat Guide in System Debloating. Collaborative project by FMHY discord members.

  • Added Nunflix in Streaming. Multi-server streaming with fast hosts and nice UI.

  • Added Game Bounty in Software as they've started uploading software recently.

  • Added FastStream in Streaming Tools. Fragmentation streaming which speeds up browser video buffering.

  • Added Mumble in Chat Tools. Oldschool voice chat client used and loved by many.

  • Added Tixati in Torrent Clients. Simple client still popular in some circles.

  • Added SpecialK in Gaming Optimization. Feature-rich game optimization tool.

  • Added qView in Image Viewers. Minimal and efficient open-source image viewer.

  • Added SauceNAO in Reverse Image Search. Multi-site search engine.

  • Added Puter in OS Emulators. Session saving browser operating system.

  • Added playit.gg in Minecraft Servers. Easy to setup minecraft servers.

  • Added MCPropertyEncyclopedia in Minecraft Tools. Comprehensive block info database.

  • Added Shazam + WatZatSong in Song Identification. Popular song identification tools.

# Things Removed

  • Removed MrGamingStreams as they've shutdown.

  • Removed IDM Activation Script as its been archived.

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