# Monthly Updates [May]

Published 2023-05-01

Wiki Updates

  • Added The Piracy Glossary ☠️, where they've organized and given explanations to every piracy related term they could think of.

  • Added Optimization, Tweaking, Virtual Machines and Terminal / CLI subsections to System Tools.

  • Added Chat / Forums, Image / Video, Interactive, Interesting and Random subsections to Fun Sites.

  • Added Gardening section to Miscellaneous.

  • Made a Software CSE out of the software sites.

Things Added

  • Added Torrminatorr in Gaming Sites. Tormminatorr is back!

  • Added GOG Games in Gaming Sites. Gog is back on clearnet!

  • Added FileCR in Software Sites. FileCR has removed their anti-adblock.

  • Added Streaminal-TV in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p.

  • Added TokyoInsider in Anime Downloading. Anime site with single click DDLs.

  • Added Cubari in Manga Sites. Multi-site manga scraper.

  • Added FoxyTab, Zoom Page WE and Scroll Anywhere in Browser Extensions.

  • Added PokeSmash in Fun Sites.

  • Re-added WCO in Cartoon Streaming. This went paid for a bit, but seems to be free again.

  • Re-added CloudStream in Android Streaming. Some extensions are still getting updates.

Things Removed

  • Removed WebOasis in Indexes. Doesn't seem to be getting updated anymore. RIP Webby.

  • Removed UniqueStream, HDMovieBox and Pirate-Media in streaming for being slow / dead.

  • Removed Soft98 in software as most downloads are dead.

  • Removed Midjourney in Image Gen as its no longer free.