# Monthly Updates [July]

Published 2023-07-01

Wiki Updates

Things Added

  • Added Seez in Streaming Sites. Nice UI, fast 1080p.

  • Added SockShare in Streaming Sites. Great for obscure TV.

  • Added UHDMovies in Video Download. 4K Movie Host.

  • Added Glitchwave in Game Tracking. RYM's new game rating site.

  • Added hate5six in Audio Streaming. Huge collection of live band videos.

  • Added SittingOnClouds in Audio Download. Game / Anime Soundtracks.

  • Added Koalageddon in Steam / Epic. DLC Unlocker.

  • Added SpotC++ in iOS Audio. Spotilife + Sposify IPA.

  • Added Favoree in YouTube Tools. Channel Discovery.

  • Added CloakStream in Privacy Tools. Encrypt Download URLs.

Things Removed

  • Removed Soap2Day in Streaming Sites as they've shutdown.

  • Removed JustChill in Streaming Sites as they've been dealing with DDoS attacks and now require logins.

  • Removed Rinzry in Video Download as drive generators no longer work.

  • Removed Demonoid as they've gone private.

  • Removed Imgur in Image Hosts as they've mass deleted everything not tied to accounts.

  • Removed IVPN as they've decided to remove port forwarding.

  • Removed Chromium from the Unsafe List, as some people feel strongly that Manifest V3 isn't enough justification to label it unsafe.